Showreel 2016

Showreel for 2016, most works have been made with great people from Hoy Multimedia and Santa Transmedia.

Various works I've been part of while working at Hoy Multimedia & Santa Transmedia.

Projects listed in non-specific order:
- Facebook Smartphone Recycling (2D Animation)
- Huddig Tigon (Compositing, vfx)
- Salming Kobra (2D Animation, vfx, compositing)
- Forever Living Products - Christmas 2015 (Compositing, vfx)
- Smarter By Pfaff (Design, 2D Animation)
- Euroflorist (Design, Animation)
- Estrella (Compositing, 2D Animation)
- HSB (Compositing, Animation, Design)
- Manganas Garden (Motion, Animation, Design)
- Honda Novo CRV (Car Animation)
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